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Photo Outi Törmälä / quiet

Photo Outi Törmälä / quiet

About Johannes

I’m a 40 years old user interface designer and graphic designer from eastern Helsinki. I’m married and a father to two amazing kids.

My themes are equality, non-discrimination and mental health. I’m a chairperson in The Feminist Party of Finland.

Lets put an end to racism and bullying!

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We have the possibility to make Helsinki a happier city. This demands courage.

I have personal experience of being bullied. The years of discrimination and feeling of being an outsider is like a heavy opaque weight in my memories. But there are some moments that I remember very clearly. The moments when someone defended me. When a brave kid stood up against an oppressor to protect the vulnerable. Those scenes are important to me. They are the reason why I’m here now.

Today – probably more than ever before – we need these brave defenders. We need them in school yards. We need them in work places. We need them in politics. There is talk of values hardening in the media, but we can change the direction. There needs to be a zero tolerance towards hate speech, racism and bullying. Everyone can help in this transformation.

I want to be part of this change. I’m a candidate for Feministic Party because I want to support those who are in a vulnerable position. It’s now our turn to help.

A courageous, equal and discrimination free Helsinki is a happier Helsinki.

Feminist Politics - a city without racism

Feminist politics strive for a society, where everyone has an equal opportunity with everyone else to realize their full potential regardless of gender, genderlessness, attributes prescribed on their race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, class, religion or conviction, gender expression, gender identity, age, or nationality. Our politics focus on three primary pillars: gender equality, human rights, and human security.

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